Student Undergoes Surgery After an ISIS-Inspired Beheading Game Goes South

(Photo: REUTERS/Ahmed Saad)Iraqi Federal Police members hold an Islamic State flag, which they pulled down during fighting in Mosul in July 2017.

A high school student from Michigan was hospitalized and needed surgery after an ISIS-inspired beheading game went wrong.

The injured student was a freshman at the Lakeshore High School in Michigan and was hurt after getting cut on his left hand with a knife while playing the said game inside the school's premises, according to ABC57.

The accident reportedly happened inside the school's locker room when the victim and another member of the football team decided to play the beheading game following their Wednesday afternoon practice.

News outlets were able to obtain a copy of a police report where one of the students present during the incident described how the beheading game was played.

"Where an individual comes up behind [someone], puts that individual in a headlock and yells at him stating 'do you have family, do you have loved ones?' And then makes a motion across their neck in a cutting motion pretending to cut the individual's head off," the report read.

The accident sent the Lakeshore freshman to the operating room to undergo a six-hour surgery after the knife cut "severed a nerve" on the student's hand.

Meanwhile, the family attorney of the hospitalized student confirmed that the teen's surgery went well but the effects of the accident and how the teen's hand would function afterward was still difficult to determine.

Reports also shared that the police have already conducted interviews with those involved and present during the incident but concluded that there was no deliberate plan to hurt the hospitalized teen and that the accident was a result of a "reckless action."

As to why a student was in possession of a real knife inside the school, he had reportedly found the weapon somewhere at the school parking lot a week ago and then kept it in his locker.

The police also learned that this was not the first time the students played the so-called beheading game but it resulted to the worst case this time since a real knife had been involved.

The family of the injured student is reportedly planning to file a lawsuit against the school in relation to why a student was able to find and stash a knife without anybody noticing.