Student Wins Free Tuition on Half-Court Shot: 'I Knew It Was In,' Says Andrew Schneeweis (VIDEO)

For a student to win free tuition, they have to do something spectacular, and that's just what Andrew Schneeweis of Colorado State University managed to do. He sunk a half-court shot, exciting the crowd at a pep rally and won free tuition for a year at the school.

Giving a student a shot to win free tuition was the idea of the CSU coaches, although it is an idea that's been replicated at various other basketball games. Schneeweis was randomly selected from the incoming freshmen to take the half-court shot, and the 19-year-old Greenwood Village, Colo. native took no chances.

Although Schneeweis was given three tries to take the shot, he only needed one. He stepped up to the half-court line and shot a perfect arc, sinking into nothing but net. The crowd at the university pep rally erupted in cheers and high-fives at the 50-foot shot.

"Once I let go of the ball, I knew it was in," the teen told KDVR. "I knew it was going to go in. I have to say that was pretty lucky."

Schneeweis' tuition— $9,266 for in-state students for a year at the university— will be covered by CSU coaches Larry Eustachy of men's basketball, Tom Hilbert for CSU Volleyball, Jim McElwain the football coach, and Ryun Williams of women's basketball.

Schneeweis certainly was excited about his year's worth of free tuition, calling the amazing incident his "tuition shot" on Twitter and promptly informing his mother of his luck.

"My son always tells the truth, but it sounded too good to be true," his mother Ellen told KDVR. "It couldn't happen to a better kid."

The 2013-2014 academic year starts Tuesday for CSU students, and for now Schneeweis' costs are completely covered. The teen made sure to thank the coaches for the opportunity.

"I knew. I knew. I could feel it. It was amazing," he added.