Students Lose 756 Pounds in 4 Months at Boarding School

A dozen students have lost 756 pounds after spending a semester at a South Carolina boarding school.

The 12 teenagers, all from Missouri, shed the combined weight after spending time together at the boarding school, where part of the curriculum is specified as getting fit.

The boarding is called Mindstream Academy and is based on 43 acres in Bluffton, South Carolina. It specifically looks to provide for overweight middle and high school kids who want to get more healthy and also do well in class.

The school prides itself on providing a huge range of activities for the children to participate in as they look to get more fit and active, including Zumba and horseback riding.

Now it has been reported that the school has been so successful at inspiring the kids to be more active that just 12 students lost a combined total of more than 750 pounds.

One student called Cameron Larkin who spent a semester at the school has testified that he learned how to exercise and build endurance and stamina. According to ABC News, he said, "It's really not easy. You have to have the confidence to say, 'I can go do this.'"

The fees for a semester though are high, and Cameron was lucky enough to get part of the $29,000 tuition charge paid for by the Independence School District, according to ABC.

The school's website describes that a normal morning at the Academy starts with stretching and a half mile walk around the lake. After their morning classes the students then have a pre-lunch workout. In the afternoons the students can participate in team sports activities, and in the evening they are encouraged to stroll around the campus or continue with more sports and activities.

The four month semester produced some stunning results for the students, and although the fees are high, those that managed to get significantly fitter are reportedly delighted with the results.