Suh Speeding Ticket: Detroit Lions' Ndamukong Suh in Another Driving Incident (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Fox News via The Christian Post)Ndamukong Suh has received a speeding ticket.

Ndamukong Suh has received a speeding ticket just a day after avoiding a suspension for his controversial actions on the field. The Detroit Lions defensive tackle received the ticket for "careless driving," which is in fact his third reckless behavior ticket in just over a year.

Suh received the ticket for failure to use due care and caution as he was driving his black Range Rover in the right lane of the road, according to Fox News.

However, Police Chief William Armstrong said he watched a video of Suh's driving and will decide whether the charge should proceed after speaking with the city attorney on Tuesday, according to the Detroit Press. The ticket could be dropped or go forward, or even withdrawn and Suh reissued with a speeding ticket.

PC Armstrong said, "I would have said, if anything, speeding. And looking at the video tape, it's hard to say exactly how fast he was going. When you look at the video, it appears that he's traveling faster than the other vehicles around him, but was it excessive? I don't think it was excessive, and he's merging over and from what I see on the tape, as far as when he merges over, my opinion, I don't see the near-accident."

Just a year ago in December 2011 Suh crashed into a drinking fountain and tree in Portland after losing control of his vehicle. Suh is being sued for $1 million from a woman in that incident.

Also just last month he was also involved in a minor traffic accident in Dearborn, however, it is unclear whether he was at fault or not in that case.

In the past Suh has also pleaded guilty to negligent driving after hitting three parked cars. At that time he said he swerved after trying to avoid an animal that had ran in front of his car. He was fined $60 for that incident.