'Summit Ablaze' Seeks to Unite Ohio Community Through Prayer In 2013

Organizers of the Summit Ablaze prayer movement in Summit County, Ohio, have recently announced their plans to extend the prayer campaign, the purpose of which is to unite Christian churches throughout the county, into 2013.

"We believe that Summit Ablaze needs to be our key annual prayer initiative. It has done more than ensure that someone is praying for Summit County every day. It has helped connect churches and ministries through prayer," the Rev. Mark Ford, executive director of Love Akron, a nonprofit organization dedicated to Christian unity in Summit County, Ohio, told the Akron Beacon Journal Online.

"Summit Ablaze gives us a chance to support each other and seek God's guidance and will for our county, its leaders and its people," Ford added.

The prayer initiative, which was first introduced in January 2012, seeks to unify churches throughout Akron County by passing a "prayer torch" from ministry to ministry each week.

Whichever ministry held the torch for its given week would dedicate congregational prayers to the people of Summit County.

As the Love Akron official website states, the reason behind the title of the initiative, Summit Ablaze, comes from the Bible's book of Leviticus 6, in which God tells Moses to "keep the fire burning on the Altar continuously. It must not go out."

As the website notes, "Fire and the altar are consistently mentioned together in scripture."

"Summit Ablaze is asking the Churches of Summit County to accept the challenge to 'attend the Altar' by committing to pray for Summit County for one week. We are asking each congregation to choose one of the 52 weeks in 2012 and commit to a week of prayer," the website adds.

Pastor Mike Rybka of Community Church of Portage Lake has stated on the Love Akron website: "Summit Ablaze is an attempt to let God draw together the numerous sparks throughout Summit County with the desire that our shared heat will unite to form a new fire of prayer that will ultimately lead to a blaze of revival."

Organizers for the prayer campaign are now seeking ministries wishing to carry the prayer torch for one week during 2013 with the hope of spreading the torch throughout Summit County. Ministries willing to participate have been told that they may choose the amount of prayer they dedicate to the people of Summit County, as well as the prayer method implemented.

Currently, St. Luke's Ministries will be the first to carry the torch in 2013, beginning Jan. 6.