'Sunny Days' With Tammy Trent: Singer Tells Females 'Modest is Hottest'

Christian Pop Artist Tammy Trent Speaks Out (PART I)
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(Photo: Tammy Trent Ministries)Tammy Trent's new album cover for 'Sunny Days.'

Christian pop recording artist Tammy Trent has been encouraging believers and non-believers with her God-inspired music since 1995, and with her latest release, Sunny Days, she continues that consistency.

Whether it be the testimony of overcoming tragedy in her life, authoring books, or her work with the Women of Faith Conference as a speaker and performer, Trent has not wavered on her purpose for the Lord.

Trent took time out of her busy schedule to chat with The Christian Post about her first album in five years, Sunny Days, along with her relationship with God and special moments from her life.

Christian Post: Tell us about Sunny Days and why you feel this album is the most close to who you are?

Tammy Trent: Well it's been five years since my last release (STRONGER) and I think I'm more excited about this album than any other album in my career. I ... [co-wrote] 8 of the 10 songs and oversaw all the production, mixing and mastering. When you're that involved with every step along the way, and you're purposefully thinking about your audience with each word you write and sing, the end result is always something that is a clear reflection of who you are and what God has called you to accomplish through His work.

I ... hope that these songs will now make a huge impact in the lives of those who lean in for a listen. I'm prayerful that they would feel the love of God breathing in their direction and straight into their circumstances, wherever they may be in life.

CP: What are the major differences between this album and your last, and how have you grown since then?

TT: On my last album I brought everything back into the studio with live musicians and a string orchestra. It definitely took on more of a straight ahead pop feel which I loved, yet I felt like I was missing those energetic fun tracks that I've always been known for and my audiences have come to love. In the past, my music has always been pop-driven, infused with dance elements for sure, and this new album won't disappoint any longtime fans or hopefully any new ones that discover it.

Sunny Days is a musical journey of my life as I continue to grow in my faith and encourage others along the way. It's full of energetic pop dance tunes balanced by some thoughtful worship ballads. But more importantly, it's my testimony that though grief may come for a night, in Christ the morning always arrives. And when it comes, we can dance, sing and worship.

CP: How has the reaction to Sunny Days been so far, and what's the next move concerning the album?

TT: It's been heartwarming for me to see so many people responding to the songs and I love how all the songs minister in different ways. That's the payoff for me, not in the sales, although that's obviously an important factor too, but it's in the responses of people and how they're being ministered to through the music.

My next move is continuing to hear the voice of God so that when He calls, I'll be ready to go … whatever that may be! I'm prayerful that through this new album will come a music video, favor at radio stations across the country, and that God will continue opening doors for many women's events as that is truly my heart.

CP: Are there different feelings of satisfaction in completing a book versus an album? Which do you feel is harder?

TT: It honestly feels the same for me. It's that feeling of conquering something. Finishing something that you started that began with a dream and a vision. Although I think writing a book is much harder for me because it doesn't come as natural to me as writing music. But I love pouring myself into both, especially if I see that it will serve a greater purpose in the end and offer life and hope to someone who is desperate for answers.

CP: As a female singer, how do you feel about being a wholesome example to young ladies who's only image of beauty comes from what they see on television?

TT: Well being a tomboy my whole life I've never struggled with wanting to wear the shortest skirt or the lowest cut shirt or the highest heels that I can't even walk in! [laughs] So you'll never see me in that stuff. But I love fashion, I love dressing up and going out with my girlfriends and I work hard to stay healthy and fit. I don't mind at all being a wholesome alternative to other options that might be out there trying to capture their attention. Modest is hottest is my opinion!

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Be sure to look out for the second part of the interview with Tammy Trent tomorrow as she reveals her best "God Moment" and speaks about her daily life and relationship with God.