'Super Bomberman R' Patch: Konami Fixes Issues in Online Battle Mode

KonamiA gameplay screenshot of "Super Bomberman R," a Nintendo Switch-exclusive game.

"Super Bomberman R" was launched earlier this month alongside the new hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch. And recently, developer Konami released its first patch update for the game on March 17.

The company did not give too many details, but the said 1.2 update mainly aims to control the issues that many players were complaining about in the game's online battle modes.

Konami also added in a press release that this is just the "first of many updates to come" that are aimed to improve "Super Bomberman R's" gameplay experience.

Players of the game are also asked to stand by for more incoming updates that will specifically improve the controls of the game during online battles.

Since its debut for the Nintendo Switch console, "Super Bomberman R" had been receiving complaints about several lag issues for both online and offline gameplay. Konami, however, acknowledged the issues, hence the need for the 1.2 version update.

The developers also recommended that players should refrain from holding the Joy-Con Grip or both of the controllers when playing in online battle mode, as this was found to cause momentary stops during gameplay for all participating players. To avoid these issues, gamers are advised to hold the Joy-Con horizontally, use a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, or just use the handheld mode when playing the game.

In addition, players from the online battle mode can now create rooms to host a free battle. However, players should know the room number of a friend so that they can join in on the battle.

Many lag issues and bugs in online mode were also fixed. This includes reducing lags when players plant a bomb and smoother direction changes for the bomberman character in gameplay.

Making a turn from a block or a pillar is now smoother, while players can stop a kicked bomb more accurately because of the update.