Super Bowl 2012: How to Get a Super Bowl Ticket?

For football fans across the nation, especially if you're a New York Giants or New England Patriots fan, the dream is to get your hands on a Super Bowl ticket. The lucky few will be heading to Indianapolis next week to see the Giants and Patriots face off in one of the biggest events in the world of sports.

But how can a regular Joe get their hands on a ticket?

Season Ticket Holders
Season ticket holders of the two teams should not expect to get any advantage in the hunt for tickets. As soon as the Giants clinched their place in the Super Bowl, thousands quickly found out they would not be heading to Indianapolis to cheer on their team live. The Giants held a lottery to see which lucky fans would be able to purchase a ticket for face value of $900. Needless to say, most New Yorkers waiting for the draw results were left disappointed.

Ticket Brokers
This method will be for either the extremely rich, or the most fanatical football fans; tickets will generally be sold via brokers for a minimum $2,500 for seats way at the back at locations such as Stub Hub, and Circle City Tickets. Tickets can be much more, however, as SeatGeek has reported that the average seat price currently stands at a whopping $3,470.

For those vying for the best seats you can expect to pay more like $16,000 for a seat near the 50-yard line. For the richest fans, a suite can be bought to watch the spectacle for $600,000; or alternatively for that price you could instead purchase a spacious 5,500 sq-ft home in suburban Indianapolis to watch the match on TV with all your friends!

Maxim Party Tickets
Some fans may opt to catch the game on TV and instead purchase tickets for the Maxim Party. These tickets will cost towards $2,000 but will get you closer to NFL players than you could expect by purchasing a Super Bowl ticket for twice that price.