Super Smash Bros 4 Character: Luma Turns Into a Star in Super Mario Galaxy Stage (PHOTO)

A new picture was released this weekend that features newly introduced Super Smash Bros 4 character Luma turning into a star in the Super Mario Galaxy stage.

The picture can be seen on and was posted up originally on Miiverse by the game's director Masahiro Sakura.

"An image of Luma becoming a star on the Super Mario Galaxy stage," wrote the site. "Sakurai mentions that there are an infinite number of Lumas, Rosalina can summon them much like how Olimar plucks Pikmin from the ground."

This is the second picture to be put up this month that features Rosalina's little gold sidekick by the director as another shot surfaced on Thursday with the two taking on Mario.

Sakurai has been consistently releasing pictures that show off Super Smash Bros 4's characters and stages in order to stir up excitement for the latest version of this legendary Nintendo fighting series that began with the original installment on Nintendo 64 in 1999.

The new game was rumored to be coming out in spring 2014, according to a Nintendo executive from Germany, but the company now claims that information was based on a misquote.

Nintendo's Bernd Fakesch held an interview with earlier this month regarding upcoming releases for the company. Fakesch was quoted as saying the game would be arriving.

"For next spring two more big license games are also announced for our TV console with Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros," read the quote.

A Nintendo representative contacted VG247 to inform them of the misquote. "We would like to clarify that the speculation about a Spring 2014 launch date for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U was the result of a misquotation in an interview," they said.