Superman and Batman Unite in New DC Comics Series; Pak and Lee to Lead New Twist

Superman and Batman are teaming up to fight crime together in the latest twist from DC Comics.

(Photo: Reuters/Daniel Becerril)Catholic priest Humberto Alvarez could be excited about the new DC Comics development which will unite Superman and Batman for a new series. Here Alvarez can be seen officiating a mass while wearing a robe with the images of Superman and Batman at the Ojo de Agua church in Saltillo, in the northern state of Coahuila February 17, 2013.

It has been announced that the two characters will be uniting their super hero efforts for a new series, which has already been simply subbed "Batman/Superman."

The new storyline will reportedly focus on how the two super heroes first met and how they come to develop into a team to fight off evil.

The new series is being written by longtime Marvel writer Greg Pak and illustrated by Jae Lee, according to The Associated Press.

With both super heroes packing some serious history full of complicated story lines and character developments, it has been reported that DC Comics has given Pak a wide aisle to be inventive in whichever way he sees fit to release a smash hit new comic series.

Pak has admitted that he and Lee had been given lots of slack to to some "important storytelling."

In response Pak has said that he wants to explore how the characters would react to one another during an intriguing first meeting, and what they would say and think of one another.

Interestingly Pak has also implied that there would be an "element of danger" about what he brings out in the new series, and he believes this will make it extremely exciting and enjoyable for readers.

Pak said, "What would your reaction be if you saw a guy running around in a bat costume in the dead of night attacking people for the first time? And what would your reaction be if you met an alien who could crush steel in his bare hands for the first time."

He added, "These guys are going to have very different immediate impressions of each other than we're used to seeing with these characters."

Also talking about working with heralded artists Jae Lee, Pak said, "That makes total sense. [But] he's doing some cool new stuff and when you put these two characters together, they've got different palettes and environments."

Here is a video trailer for "Superman: Unbound" by DC Comics: