Superman Returns—'Most Christian Film' Since Narnia

Dear Editor,

I was intrigued by Jordan Ballor’s piece on Christ and Superman. He made some good points about the character and his history. However, given that this article is clearly tied to the release of Superman Returns, I think it’s significant that the author obviously has not seen the film.

I saw the film yesterday at a special event screening and was amazed at the extent to which its plot and themes were taken from the Gospel. Superman in the abstract may be more Nietzsche than Christ (though I think even that is arguable), but this particular Superman is very much a Christ figure. He is powerful, yes, but then so was Christ who performed miracles and healings wherever he went. Ultimately, without giving away the plot, Superman in this film is not a figure who exemplifies worldly power, but one who exemplifies self-sacrifice. I honestly believe this is the most “Christian” film since Narnia and before that Mel Gibson’s Passion. Once again, though he does not focus on the film, the clear implication of Mr. Ballor’s piece is that believers should be wary of Superman in general and by extension the new film in particular. I believe this does a disservice to your readers. Having seen the film, I sincerely doubt we will see a better presentation of Christian faith on film this year.

John Sexton
Huntington Beach, CA