New Musical Episode Coming for Supernatural Fans

(Photo: CW/File)

The popular American television series, "Supernatural," is nearing its tenth season with an Oct. 7 premiere. The show has run for almost a decade now, first appearing on The WB in 2005.

The airing of the tenth season will mark the series' 200th episode this coming Fall and "Supernatural" showrunner Jeremy Carver has made the announcement that the episode will be run as a musical. The whole episode won't be a musical but rather will feature some cover songs as well as original ones.

There was not confirmation one whether Sam and Dean will sing during the episode but the musical-ish episode isa sort of love letter for enduring fans of the series.

Dean's metamorphosis into a demon at the end of the ninth season will become a major arc in the series. Carver had said that a good number of episodes in the upcoming tenth season will feature "demon Dean."

On the other hand, Sam will be spending most of his time looking for his brother who had presumably taken off with Crowley. Castiel will also be quite busy, picking up from the pieces left behind by Metatron in his bid to take over heaven. Castiel's task won't be easy as his supply of angelic grace continues to decrease.

The CW president Mark Pedowitz is also looking into creating more "Supernatural" spin-off works despite the fan's dislike of the concept.

Finally, fans wonder when the series will actually end as "Supernatural" nears its 10-year anniversary next year. Eric Kripke had already thought up of an ending to the series sometime in the fifth season but kept it hidden when the show ended up continuing.

Carver also has an ending in mind but welcomes any plot lines which will lead to a better series finale.