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'Supernatural' Season 13 Episode 14 Spoilers: Lucifer Meets Asmodeus' Secret Weapon

'Supernatural' Season 13 Episode 14 Spoilers: Lucifer Meets Asmodeus' Secret Weapon

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Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) will no way be ready when he sees archangel Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.) again in the upcoming episode of "Supernatural."

In the episode titled "Good Intentions," Asmodeus (Jeffrey Vincent Parise is expected to make his move against the supreme ruler of Heaven. Now that Lucifer has got what he wanted all along, the rest of the demons are seething to take him down. Asmodeus revealed his secret weapon to Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) and it was Gabriel. Fans of the series thought that the archangel was dead. It was Lucifer who told Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) that Gabriel was no longer around in season 13.

Asmodeus also told Ketch that he had the blade that could kill archangels like Lucifer. Since only another archangel could wield that blade, he has Gabriel to do it for him. Asmodeus will also have no problem dealing with Lucifer's ally, the angel who helped him take the throne, Anael (Danneel Ackles). In an interview with TVLine, Ackles talked about how her character's mind works. According to her, Anael is someone who has no problem allying herself with anyone as long as she gets something in return.

"She's not really, 'I'm an evil person' or 'I'm a good person,'" Ackles said. "'I'm just going to do whatever gets me a little bit higher up the ladder.' So if she can make a deal with Lucifer that day, that's great for her, [and] she's going to do that. If she needs to help the Winchesters another day, then that works."

Meanwhile, the episode will also see the return of Bobby Singer (guest star Jim Beaver). Sam and Dean's friend will be in the apocalyptic world to help Jack (Alexander Calvert) and Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) escape Michael (guest star Christian Keyes). When Bobby meets Lucifer's son, he can feel the raw power inside him, begging to be unleashed.

"Supernatural" season 13 episode 14 will air Thursday, March 1 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.


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