Surf Film Reaches Over 62,000 with Gospel

DVD Version Available Now

Over 62,000 people in over six different countries have been touched by an inspiring surf film that is being touted as an "amazing" outreach tool.

And with the recent release of the Walking on Water DVD, many more are expected to follow the journey of two young surfers as they come to discover how the world can be their classroom.

"I had the privilege of being at the world premiere of the Walking on Water movie and was blown away," recalls Kevin Palau, executive vice-president of the Luis Palau Association, in a published endorsement. "It is a world class film in every way, and an amazing tool for outreach. Tens of thousands have already experienced it in theaters, but as a DVD, I expect it to have a huge Kingdom impact."

From the makers of award-winning surf films The Outsiders and Noah's Arc, Walking on Water follows up-and-coming surf stars Luke Davis and Tyler Hallen as they travel to five different countries throughout the world and encounter and experience sights and cultures far different from what they've known.

"It's more than a surf film," exclaims filmmaker and professional surfer Bryan Jennings, who founded and directed Walking on Water.

"This movie is a chance for people to see who God is in a really unique way, through the sport of surfing. People might understand in a new, fresh way who God is and how much He loves them."

Jennings was 14 years old when he was taken on his first surf trip by a local professional surfer. The trip, which had a lasting effect on his life, inspired him to return the favor with Luke and Tyler in hopes that they too would forever be changed.

In Walking on Water, Luke and Tyler travel to Hawaii, Peru, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, and France and meet up with three-time world champion surfer Tom Curren, teen shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton, top professional surfers C.J. and Damien Hobgood, and many others.

Though the film will especially strike accord with surfers, it's being promoted as a production for everyone.

"Youth will be challenged to view their lives differently and adults will remember what it was like to be a child on an incredible adventure," the film's promoters say.

Since its debut last October, Walking On Water has been screened once every four days for the past year to over 62,000 people in live attendance from the East and West coasts of the United States as well as Australia, New Zealand, Bali, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and more.

Following each screening, a Gospel message is personally presented by Jennings or Walking on Water's director of outreach, Mike Doyle, or by one of the surfers in the movie. And Jennings says they're seeing incredible response.

"The world tour … is being recognized as possibly the largest grassroots surf video of all time," film promoters report.

According to Jennings, the world tour of Walking On Water, which ends this year with a Dec. 6 showing in California, is projected to be in front of over 200,000 people over the next two years.

The world tour of the movie preceding Walking on Water, Noah's Arc, had over 150,000 in live attendance.

"Whether you're a surfer or not you will enjoy this inspiring film where two young surfers find faith on the journey of a lifetime," film promoters say.

Seven more live showings will be held before the year concludes. Four will be shown in the West Coast, in Costa Mesta, Calif.; San Diego, Calif.; Coronado, Calif.; and Kailua, Hawaii. Three, meanwhile, will be shown on the East Coast – in Easton, Md.; Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; and Deerfield Beach, Fla.

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