Surface Phone Rumors: Long-Rumored Device to be a No-Show at Microsoft's Upcoming October Event Again

REUTERS/Morris Mac Matzen/FilesA Microsoft representative shows a smartphone with Windows 10 operating system at the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover in this file photo from March 15, 2015. Rumors claim that the next mobile device from Microsoft will be called the Surface Phone.

After it failed to make an appearance at last year's October event of Microsoft, rumors claim that the Surface Phone will again be a no-show at next month's "Future Decoded" event of the Redmond-based company.

The Surface Phone, which is alleged to be Microsoft's next smartphone, has been long rumored to be in the company's pipeline.Prior to last year's October event of the company, there had already been numerous rumors claiming that the device would debut at the then-upcoming event. However, the said event commenced and culminated without even a mention of the highly anticipated device.

Just when some thought that the Surface Phone would finally be revealed in this year's October event of Microsoft, where the company usually releases updates to its Surface lineups such as laptops, tablets, and PCs, recent reports claim that it will not be the case. Instead, it is suspected that Microsoft will instead release its latest Surface Book as it is unlikely for the company to launch a new Surface Pro or Surface Laptop at the upcoming event as their latest versions were already dropped at the company's spring event this year.

Meanwhile, despite the uncertainty on the existence of the Surface Phone, there have been a lot of speculations on what it may possibly offer. However, among the many rumors attached to it, there is no denying that the loudest for the past couple of months are those claiming that it will be foldable, making it possible for its would-be owners to expand it to the size of a tablet or fold into a smartphone.

While such rumors are nothing short of exciting, unfortunately, it remains unclear if it will really be the case, or worse, if there is a Surface Phone, indeed. After all, even though Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella admitted in an earlier interview that the company is not done with the mobile phone market, he did not say that it will be called the Surface Phone.

"We will continue to be in the phone market not as defined by today's market leaders, but by what it is that we can uniquely do in what is the most ultimate mobile device," Nadella told the Australian Financial Review last year.