Suri Cruise Haircut: Photo Shows Off New Bangs (Photo, VIDEO)

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REUTERS/Javier BarbanchoSuri Cruise and her father Tom Cruise

Suri Cruise has a new haircut. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter was seen out in New York City this week showing off a new haircut with bangs, joining the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian to recently feature new bangs.

The new haircut has been described as super cute by many on social media sites, although many have commented on how the 7 year old's new haircut looks a bit uneven. OMG! has even run a headline asking "Did Suri Cruise Cut Her Own Bangs?"

Suri has still kept her long hair despite cutting it into a new bang hairstyle.

Many may remember that mother Katie Holmes also featured bangs when she was on the cover of Elle Magazine for its July 2012 edition.

In that cover shoot, Holmes, 33, discussed her divorce with Tom Cruise just the month before.

She said in the interview, according to OMG!, "He has been Tom Cruise for 30 years. I know who I am and where I am and where I want to go, so I want to focus on that."

In January, Suri also hit the celebrity magazines as she was photographed fighting off the New York freezing weather with a cute panda hat as she had brunch with her mom. On that occasion the mom and daughter visited restaurant Locanda Verde following visiting a friend for a birthday party elsewhere in New York City.

Last year was of course Suri's first Christmas holiday since her famous celebrity parents split up earlier in 2012, however, it appears as though both Holmes and Cruise made their best efforts to ensure she had a fun time with both of them.

It has been reported that 34 year old actress, Holmes, spent time with her daughter in a traditional Midwestern Christmas at her family's home in Toledo, Ohio.

According to a source to People magazine: "Suri spent Christmas Day with her mother and her family in Ohio. It was a wonderful day."

Holmes then traveled back to New York City on Dec. 26 where she had to continue performing in her new Broadway play "Dead Accounts." Meanwhile Suri went to join her father, Tom Cruise, along with his other daughters Bella, 20, and Connor, 17.

For a photo of Suri Cruise's new bangs haircut please click here.

Here is a video of Suri Cruise's fashion looks: