Suri in Catholic School: Katie Holmes Enrolls Daughter Into Prestigious NYC Catholic School

Suri Cruise will attend a Catholic school in New York City following the high profile break up between her parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. It has been reported that Suri was enrolled in the Catholic school just days after her mother reached a divorce settlement with Tom Cruise.

The move has come as more rumors speculate that Katie Holmes did not want her daughter growing up to be a Scientologist, the controversial sect followed devoutly by Suri's father Tom Cruise.

Suri was previously homeschooled, but will now attend Manhattan's prestigious "Convent of the Sacred Heart" school, where reportedly she will have to attend a Catholic mass once a week every Thursday.

The school is one of the most prestigious in New York City and will cost Katie Holmes $38,000 a year to send six year old Suri there. However, the actress is of course well off herself, and reports have further suggested that Tom Cruise will be paying more than $10 million in child support as part of their divorce settlement.

Katie moved to divorce Tom just last month when he was away filming his new movie in Iceland. She moved out of the apartment and made the filing for divorce in New York City. The news is said to have shocked Tom Cruise, who was not expecting the split, but it now appears as though Katie was planning everything for weeks and even months in advance.

Katie Holmes and Suri have moved out of the family home in New York and into a $12,500 a month apartment in New York City's Chelsea area.

Holmes was married to Cruise for five years, and since their split she has been reported by the Huffington Post as having registered as a parishioner with the Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier in New York City. However, an official with the church said Tuesday that the report was false.

Seeking to verify the report, The Christian Post contacted St. Francis Xavier Church Tuesday morning and was told by Parish Manager Jacqueline Salco that Holmes was not listed in the church registry. Salco indicated over the phone that she had looked through the registry, and responded in the affirmative when asked if The Huffington Post report was false.

However, although St. Francis Xavier Church has denied having Katie Holmes as a new member, it is not uncommon for churches to attempt to maintain a certain level of privacy for particularly high-profile parishioners.

(The Christian Post's Nicola Menzie also contributed to this report.)