Suri's Name Changed by Katie Holmes After Tom Cruise Divorce?

Suri's name could be changed by Katie Holmes now that the divorce from Tom Cruise is settled and final, according to a new report. The now-single mother could be attempting to sever all ties with her ex-husband, although Cruise could still pay child support.

Though Suri's name will be changed, Katie Holmes could still leave her current last name, Cruise, on as a middle name, according to Now magazine, a U.K. publication.

"She's been telling friends she wants to make Suri's middle name Cruise and change her surname to Holmes," an unnamed source told Now.

Holmes may be less inclined to change Suri's first name, although it is certainly a possibility. In the meantime, she's given her a nickname from a popular book, "To Kill A Mockingbird"- Scout.

"She hates the name Suri, so she gave her a nickname from To Kill A Mockingbird," the insider alleged.

Although the newly-single 33-year-old mom is certainly within her rights to change Suri's name, it seemed to be endearing when she and Cruise first chose it. Then, the "Mission Impossible" star said in an interview that it had come from a name book.

"We just opened it and instantly came up with the name," reported The Los Angeles Times.

Suri is supposed to be a name with Hebrew and Persian origin, meaning "princess" and "red rose," respectively. It also means "pickpocket" in Japanese, although it was ignored by both parents at the time.

If Holmes is changing Suri's name, it could be another move to distance her 6-year-old daughter from Cruise and Scientology, which some reports stated were "controlling" the child's upbringing.

"She actually still loves Tom but would rather leave him than have Suri turned against her," a source told Us magazine, referring to Holmes' more traditional Catholic upbringing. "[Tom's] inner circle and the people handling [Suri] … They were so controlling it was terrifying."

Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise June 28, with both parties settling just days later. Cruise is expected to pay "more than $10 million" in child support, but is not liable for spousal support, according to TMZ.