Survivor Cast: Season 27 'Blood vs Water' Will Feature Colton Cumbie and Rupert Boneham (Cast List, Video Preview)

The Survivor cast has been announced on Wednesday, and to the delight of fans, a number of very well-known faces will be returning to the hit CBS reality TV show.

(CBS/File)The Survivor cast.

The latest season of survivor will be called "Blood vs Water," and will feature 10 former contestants. Program creators are hoping to bring the familiar faces back to see them compete with their loved ones – hence the new title of the season. The new twist will add extra excitement to the new season, which is again sure to be a huge hit with fans of the show.

Rupert Boneham will be leading the new Survivor cast – and amazingly this will be his fourth appearance on the show, having already appeared on Pearl Islands, All-Stars, and Heroes Vs. Villains seasons.

He will be joined by his wife, Laura, in what should make for a dramatic twist for the show.

Others who will be returning include Tyson Apostol, who is known for competing in Tocantins and Heroes Vs. Villains, and he will be competing against his girlfriend Rachel Foulger.

Gervase Peterson, who featured on Survivor: Borneo, will compete with his niece Marissa.

Kat Edorsson, who appeared on Survivor: One World, will be competing with her boyfriend, Hayden Moss – who interestingly was the Big Brother winner in Season 12.

In the latest series, contestants will be voted off Redemption Island, but anyone being dispatched will have the chance to return, but only if their loved one opts to sacrifice themselves in their place. The new twist should prove exciting and dramatic for viewers, and will place some in a great dilemma. The feature was in fact also in effect in Season 22 of Survivor, but has now been brought back.

Here is the full Survivor cast:

1. Tyson Apostol (Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains) and girlfriend Rachel
2. Tina Wesson (Australian Outback, All-Stars) and daughter Katie
3. Kat Edorsson (One World) and boyfriend Hayden (Big Brother Season 12 winner)
4. Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands, All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villains) and wife Laura
5. Gervase Peterson (Borneo) and niece Marissa
6. Colton Cumbie (One World) and fiancé Caleb
7. Aras Baskauskas (Panama–Exile Island) and brother Vytas
8. Monica Culpepper (One World) and husband Brad
9. Laura Morett (Samoa) and daughter Clera
10. Candice Cody (Cook Islands, Heroes vs. Villains) and husband John

Survivor will premiere with a 90 minute special Wednesday, Sept. 18 at 8 p.m.

Here is a video preview for Survivor Season 27: