Susan G. Komen Executives Continue to Resign

The Susan G. Komen Foundation may have difficulty raising new funds in the next few months, as five top executives have stepped down from the organization, leaving the company with a wounded reputation.

The foundation appears to have lost support on both sides of the spectrum when it decided earlier this year that it would stop funding to Planned Parenthood, a decision which was reversed only days later. The controversy has also resulted in five of the organizations top executives resignations.

Policy Chief Karen Handel was the first to resign, only days after the controversy began. According to the Associated Press, Chris McDonald, executive director and chief executive of the organization's Oregon and southwest Washington affiliate, stepped down a month ago, citing her dislike for Komen's actions.

Katrina McGhee, executive vice president and chief marketing officer; Nancy Macgregor, vice president of global networks; and Joanna Newcomb, director of affiliate strategy and planning, also resigned in the Dallas region. In addition, Dr. Dara Richardson-Heron, CEO of Komen's New York City affiliate, will resign in April. Dr. LaSalle D. Leffall Jr. will step down from his post as chairman of the foundation's board of directors as of March 31, although he has plans to remain with the board.

Chuck Colson, former Special Council for Richard Nixon and Christian Post contributor, commented on the organization's demise.

"What happened to Komen is a perfect example of the despotism of the modern left. Disagree with them, they vilify you and seek to intimidate you into silence. Tragically, Komen caved," Colson said.

Others however have suggested that they are glad to see the foundation suffer, and hope for its demise.

"It's really refreshing to see SGK biting the dust," PharmCan wrote on the Huffington Post blog.

"Religious zealots are very insidious the way they infiltrate organizations and it is good to see the rug pulled out from under SGK because they have allowed themselves to be taken over by the zealots," the user added.

Despite cancelling the next two fundraising events, Komen spokeswoman Leslie Aun told AP news that the organization's "donations and our support remain strong."