Susan Powell Still Missing: Police Resume Search With New Information

Susan Powell disappeared from her home in 2009, and after police conducted a thorough investigation, she was no closer to being found. Now, though, police have resumed searching for Powell, citing new information that has just emerged.

Authorities moved their search to a wooded area in West Valley City, Oregon. They brought in cadaver dogs that police hoped would be able to pick up Powell's scent after her father, Chuck Cox, received a tip earlier this year that he passed on to the police.

"This could be a place where they could have dumped Susan's body," Cox told Fox 13 News. "Josh said he went south, I'm going to look north. But where north? He said he went southwest, but this is northwest and a far distance from anywhere in Utah and even around where he lived. It's an opportune spot."

Josh Powell was considered a person of interest in the case but, in 2012, killed his and Susan's two young children with a hatchet before blowing up the family's home. Police lost their best lead in the case, and Cox said that police have been busy working to find new information to track Susan.

"They were straightforward with me that if this doesn't come through, they do not have any really good leads right now beyond this," Cox said. "This is probably it as far as leads go."

"We have left no stone unturned," West Valley City Police Chief Mike Powell told Fox. "We have done everything that we can possibly think of. Every tip that has been sent in, every lead that has been given to us, every little bit of information has been looked at closely with great detail. We have done everything we possibly can to follow up on those and conduct any additional investigation that may lead us to knowing and discovering where Susan is."

Steven Powell, Josh's father, was arrested and charged with voyeurism one year ago. He is scheduled to be released from prison soon, even by the end of this month. It was believed that he may have important information about where Susan could be, but he never admitted anything to police.