Suspect Buried Alive: Suspect Thrown Into Grave With Alleged Rape-Murder Victim

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A murder suspect has been buried alive by a mass vigilante group in Colquechaca, Bolivia, in a shocking report out from the region today.

A 17 year old, Santos Ramos, was suspected of raping and killing 35-year-old woman, Leandra Arias Janco.

A group of about 200 people gathered to mourn Janco at her funeral, but nothing could have prepared authorities for what the mourners would do.

After police named Ramos as a potential suspect in the rape-murder case, the mass group of local villagers captured and threw the teenager into the deep grave that his alleged victim was being buried in.

The huge gang of locals then prevented rescuers from intervening and rescuing the boy as he was buried alive and suffocated to death.

The incident took place on Wednesday night, and according to The Huffington Post, the local community took justice into their own hands by clocking the road to the burial site, stopping police and other members of the local community from getting to Ramos in time.

According to The Associated Press, a local reporter, who only agreed to speak out on the condition of anonymity through fear of reprisal, explained that Ramos was tied up at the woman's funeral and thrown into the open grave. The woman's coffin was then lowered down on top of him and the vigilantes then filled in the grave with earth.

Quechua's indigenous community of Tres Cruces is known for taking justice into its own hands, and another recent report also claims that locals stoned to death a man suspected of thieving. His alleged accomplice was also killed, being burned to death by the villagers.