Suspects Arrested After Church Youth Raped, Beaten, Robbed While Camping in Mexico

Suspects assumed to be gang members were arrested for the beating, robbing and raping of members of a church youth group attacked while camping in Mexico City last week.

A group of 90 youth who were sponsored by the Chains of the Holy Trinity were attacked for hours at their spiritual retreat at Colibri Park outside of Mexico City last Thursday, according to The Associated Press. While two vehicles and other items were taken from the camp, some campers were reportedly beaten along with seven girls who were raped. reported that 12 armed gang members, including one woman, invaded camp El Colibri near the Mexican town of Ixtapulaca. Alfredo Castillo, prosecutor for the state of Mexico, spoke about capturing the assailants.

"We have detained this person and have... photographs of the others who were responsible," Castillo said in a report. "They have already been identified and in the next days we expect to capture them."

While authorities are still investigating the matter, the publication reported that drug gangs have caused similar problems on the outskirts of Mexico City where the youth group was staying. Although police officers in the area have patrolled the camping area to protect people from gang violence, it was not clear whether any officers were on duty during the time of the attacks that reportedly lasted for hours.

The police were reportedly notified about the incident only after an adult organization reported the attack, AP reports. However, the violence has been ongoing in the country for the past six years since the officials began cracking down on the most powerful drug gangs in the country in 2006.

Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon reportedly deployed an army and federal authorities to aid in the war on drugs. Still, 50,000 people have reportedly died since the government's initiative to end the rampant drug violence in the country.

After the attack took place, Mexico state Gov. Eruviel Avila promised that the victims of the attack, who were praying at the camp site since Monday, would receive medical and psychological attention. also reported that Juan Carlos Palafox, attorney for some of the victims, said they were assured that the camp site would be heavily patrolled to ensure the safety of campers during the ongoing camping season.