SUV Crashes Into Second Floor of a NJ Home

An SUV lost control and catapulted 10 feet in the air into the second floor of a Newark, N.J. townhouse complex on Wednesday.

No injuries have been reported.

The unidentified driver told fire officials that she lost control of her vehicle. She was taken to the hospital along with a passenger of the Nissan Pathfinder.

Neighbors along the block, which is filled with four-story brick town homes, thought the loud noise and shaking they felt may have been a bomb, explosion or even an earthquake. They never expected a vehicle could have jumped several feet into the air and into a neighbor’s home.

According to The Star-Ledger, around 10:15 pm on Wednesday, the vehicle was traveling west on West Market Street. It appeared to have jumped onto a sidewalk, where it knocked down several parking meter poles, driven almost 150-feet before threading a 15-foot space between a street lamp pole and a red-light and becoming airborn.

“You thought it was a bomb, maybe it was an explosion downtown,” said Evelyn Sykes, 28, a neighbor.

“The house shook and the windows were shaking.” She added. “I wasn’t expecting to see that.”

Gloria Sinclair was in the home along with her daughter and granddaughter. Just five minutes earlier, the daughter and grandson had been in the second floor computer room where the SUV crashed. Sinclair was watching television in another room.

“I just thought the whole house was caving in,” she said.

It wasn’t until after firefighters pulled her from a side window that she able to understand what had happened.

After 1 a.m Thursday that a tow truck removed the 3,700 pound SUV from the home. Sinclair’s daughter and grandson were also taken to the hospital for observation.