Swedish Police Release New Details on 2010 Terrorist Attack in Stockholm

Swedish police have released some new information on last year’s terrorist attack in Stockholm.

Authorities say that the suicide bomber, Iraqi-born Swede Taimour Abdulwahab al Abdaly, had a car bomb rigged but was unable to detonate it with his walkie-talkie.

Abdaly also failed to set off the majority of explosives he wore due to a trigger complication.

Investigators are still looking into whether or not Abdaly, a then 28-year-old father of two, had any accomplices to carry out his attack.

Abdaly’s financial resources are also under investigation.

On Dec. 11, 2010, Abdaly set off six bombs along Drottninggatan, a major shopping area in Stockholm, amidst a crowd of holiday shoppers. Five out of the six bombs did not go off.

Bo Janzon, a weapons expert at the Swedish Defense Research Agency, told the Global Post the attack could have had a huge impact had things gone Abdaly’s way: “It could have killed up to several hundred people and caused lots of injuries.”

The bomber killed himself and wounded two people.

Last year’s suicide bombing was the first of its kind in Swedish history.