Sweet Caroline Sung By Neil Diamond at MLB 2013 All-Star Game for Boston Bombing Victims (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO:YouTubeClip)Neil Diamond at Fenway in Boston.

Neil Diamond wowed fans gathered at Citi Field stadium in New York City on Tuesday evening by singing his hit song "Sweet Caroline" in the middle of the eighth inning.

Fans, who had gathered to watch the 2013 All-Star Game, rose to their feet and sang along with Diamond, who performed along the infield grass.

"Sweet Caroline" has become an unofficial anthem for the Red Sox since 1997. It has been played at Fenway Park stadium in Boston since 1997, and since 2002 it has been played at every game in the middle of the eighth inning.

The song played in many MLB stadiums throughout recent months to honor the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, but last night was the first time the song was performed live at Citi Field.

The song was even played at Red Soxs' great rivals New York Yankees stadium on April 16, 2013, in honor of the victims. "Sweet Caroline" was also played on April 25, 2013, as a tribute to the Boston Marathon Bombing victims during the NFL draft.

After Diamond's performance, "Enter Sandman" by Metallica was played in the stadium. Diamond's new single "Freedom Song" was also played during the game.

Mariano Rivera, who will be retiring, was honored as the MVP in last night's game.

"Sweet Caroline" was written by Neil Diamond and released in 1969. Diamond revealed that the inspiration for his song was President John F. Kennedy's daughter, Caroline Kennedy, who was 11 years at the time the song was penned.

He sang the song to her at her 50th birthday celebration in 2007.

Diamond announced that all proceeds and royalties from sales of the song since the Boston marathon bombings would be donated to the One Fund Boston to help the victims.

Here is a video of Neil Diamond singing "Sweet Caroline" at the MLB All-Star Game 2013 at CitiField: