Sweethearts Marry 60 Years After Being Apart (VIDEO)

Newlyweds in their 80s, Peggy Marie Pence Schuster and Rev. Henry O. Freund have wed after 60 years of being sweethearts.

Shuster and Freund first met while attending Rhodes college in Tennessee during the 1950s. The couple dated several times before going their separate ways and eventually marrying other people.

"Romance was in the air, but a long road lay ahead of these two young people," Freund told the State Gazette. "It was not the time for them to get together, and so, they went in different directions."

Both graduated from the university, which was then called Southwestern, in 1952. Both also went on to marry and have three children.

Years later while at a church meeting in 2001, Freund discovered that his old college sweetheart had been widowed. Himself a widow, Freund made the decision to contact Schuster and send her a letter in the mail with sympathies for her loss.

Shuster is a woman that likes to take her time though apparently, and it wasn't until a decade later that she decided to give Freund her email. The rest is history.

"It didn't take long for the spark that had survived for 60 years to burst into flames," Freund said. "Renewal took shape as Cupid's arrow zeroed in on the couple [and they] decided they would spend the remainder of their days as husband and wife."

After a six decade-long romance, the couple wed at Canterbury Place on Sunday.

"It took 60 years, but Cupid's arrow will finally find its mark on May 13," Freund said before his wedding.

The couple married for the longest amount of time was recently honored in Las Vegas this year. Wilbur Faiss and his wife Theresa were married April 14, 1933 and have been together for over 78 years.

"It's very simple; it's give and take, and compromise," Faiss told ABC news, relaying his trick to a long and happy marriage.