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Swimming Baby Video Goes Viral: 16 Month Old Swims Across Pool (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Swimming Baby Video Goes Viral: 16 Month Old Swims Across Pool (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A swimming baby video has delighted Internet users around the world, with the video of the 16 month old going viral as the little girl shows off her swimming skills.

A video of swimming baby, 16 month old Elizabeth, has gone viral on the Internet, picking up nearly 1 million views on YouTube. | (Photo: YouTube/Adam BC Screen Shot)

The video, which is in fact already about 10 months old but has only recently been picked up by Internet users and gone viral, shows 16 month old Elizabeth taking to swimming like a duck in water, moving around her family swimming pool calmly as if she'd been doing it for years.

Elizabeth has been taught to swim by an experienced lifeguard and a registered nurse with pediatric training, according to reports, and it appears as though all the training for the baby has paid off as she has amazed people around the world with her swimming skills.

Elizabeth's father has admitted that she is a "very determined little girl" who was keen to learn how to swim.

The father has admitted that she is a very independent child, but that even he was stunned when she suddenly swam all the way across to the other side of the swimming pool unaided. The little girl swims with her face down in the water but flips onto her back whenever she needs a beath, before turning back round and swimming on.

The video now has nearly a million views, as thousands share the amazing footage with friends and family.

On the video's YouTube page, the girl's father has written: "At no point do we force our child to do anything she is unwilling to try. We are able to recognize infant/toddler fatigue in the swimming pool."

He added, "Elizabeth is a very determined little girl and sometimes she wants to roll over and breath as she was taught and sometimes she wants to hold her breath the whole way."

The father continued, "I was 100% prepared to jump in at first sign of distress. Please watch some of the other videos I've posted of her swimming and spread the word. Teach your child how to swim because it only takes a moment for them to slip under and drown. Some times the difference between life and death can be six inches of water and their ability to flip over on their back and take a breath."

He also adds a warning to parents eager to get their children swimming: "Please! Do not just throw your child in the water and expect them to swim. That is both dangerous and a quick way to traumatize your child and scare them from ever swimming. ISR uses specialized techniques in training infants and toddlers."

Here is a video of 16 month old Elizabeth swimming around the pool unaided:


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