Switchfoot 'Fading West' Timeline for EP, Movie, Tour, and Full Length

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(Photo: Atlantic Records)Alternative rock band Switchfoot are currently touring behind "Vice Verses," their followup to their Grammy-award winning 2009 album "Hello Hurricane."

Christian alternative rock band Switchfoot is in for a busy couple of months as they gear up to release the Fading West ep, Fading West movie, the Fading West Tour, and Fading West the full length album. All of the upcoming Fading West topics have left fans confused as to what is coming, so the band put out an official timeline.

"On Sept 17, we are releasing an EP with 3 album tracks (and one exclusive b-side on the physical version), available at switchfoot.com and on our fall tour," the band announced on their website, also citing a purchase of the download will enable fans to get the remaining full length tracks when it is released in January.

Next, the band addressed the Fading West rock documentary. They said it will be showing during their tour and will be released online in December.

"As many of you know, we're just about to release our most ambitious project yet: Fading West, our very own independent feature film," Switchfoot said on their site. "We can't wait to show it to you! Part rock-umentary, part surf film, Fading West is an extremely personal, in-depth look at the highs and lows of this band of brothers that we call Switchfoot. We've captured the entire journey we've been on for the last 2 years- and we're so excited for you to see it!"

Switchfoot said the Fading West tour will keep their fans "guessing" as they are looking to create a personal and intimate interactive experience with the crowd.

"For years, people have been asking for a more intimate, acoustic, live-show. Because of the honest nature of this film, and some of the beautiful theaters we'll be playing, we figure this fall tour is the perfect time for just that," they posted. "This fall, the film will be shown in it's entirety, followed by a unique concert experience that is much more personal and interactive than anything we've ever done before. Our set will consist of acoustic performances of perennial favorites, some of the new songs from Fading West (performed live for the first time ever!), and a chance for us to tell some stories and answer your questions as well. And don't worry, we're bringing our electric guitars too!"

As far as the Fading West album, the band said fans can expect that on January 9. It will be their ninth album overall.

"This record, in many ways, has taken us 17 years to make... it feels connected to the entire journey that we've been on since the beginning. We're so honored and thankful for your support over the years. We hope that these songs inspire you to stop and listen and think and move and dance and more," the band said.