Sympathy for Usher Raymond Disrespects Father of Tameka Foster's Son?

Usher Raymond may be a chart topping singer, but he should not be receiving condolences for the recent accident that left ex-wife Tameka Foster's son reportedly brain dead, according to her friends.

Although Foster shares 11-year-old son Kile Glover with Atlanta television executive Kile Glover, many have been extending well wishes to Raymond which has caused some of the mother's friends to speak out.

"I've seen celebs and media outlets alike continue to send their condolences to Usher. Kile was Tameka and Ryan Glover's child and the sympathy should be given to them first and foremost," a family friend reportedly told "Although Usher has been so kind in chartering a plane so she could be by Kile's side, he didn't necessarily play a huge role in Tameka's other children's lives after the divorce. Therefore it seems a little disrespectful that Ryan is being ignored as a father, in place of another just because he's topping the Billboard charts."

The family friend went on to speak about the devotion of Glover's father who has not been spoken about in the media as often as the chart-topping singer while defending Foster as a mother.

"Ryan was equally devoted and involved in Kile's life – they shared joint custody and Kile was with his other family at the lake, so for those who are claiming Tameka's at fault for not being there is just absurd – because of the joint custody, her two boys aren't always directly in her eyesight, but she is a phenomenal mother," the family friend said.

Glover was injured in an inner tube accident that took place in on Georgia's Lake Lanier last Friday, when a man on a watercraft reportedly ran over him and a 15-year-old girl. Although the family did not disclose details about Foster's son, several media outlets have reported that he is suffering from brain damage after being in critical condition following the accident.

After the accident, sources told TMZ that Raymond is looking to reconsider fighting his ex-wife in court for custody of their two sons, Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond. The source said that Raymond's lawyers are now looking to give Foster "majority" custody of their three- and four-year-old sons.