Syria Troops Extend Attack on City of Hama

The day after the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) broke its silence on the government targeted attacks against civilian protestors in Syria, violence escalated in the city of Hama.

The UNSC released a presidential statement on Wednesday condemning the attacks on civilian protestors by the Syrian government.

However, Syria has responded to the statement with an intensified escalation of President Bashar al-Assad's military campaign to crush dissent in the city of Hama.

Assad's deadly campaign in Hama began on Sunday and upwards of 90 people have been killed in the days since government troops came down on the city.

Hama, the heart of the protest movement against Assad, is home to around 700,000 residents who have been besieged by troops for nearly a month prior to the attacks that have ravaged the city in the past few days.

An activist that managed to escape the city told Reuters that as a result of Thursday's escalated attacks 45 additional people had been killed.

An unidentified diplomat in the Syrian capital said of the attacks, "Tanks are firing their guns at residential buildings in Hama and Deir al-Zor after the two cities were left for weeks to protest peacefully. This is the first time the regime is using tanks with such targeted ferocity."

The attacks have left Hama without electricity, communication capabilities, and water supplies while private and public property has been set fire to and vandalized.

U.S. officials have condemned the attacks calling them "full-on warfare" against the Syrian people.

Whitehouse spokesperson, Jay Carney said at a news conference, "Syria would be a better place without President Assad."

Turkey, a former Syrian ally, spoke critically against Assad with its Deputy Prime Minister stating, "I'm saying this on my behalf, what's going on in Hama today is an atrocity. Whoever carries this out can't be our friend. They are making a mistake."