T-Boz Sells Mansion for $680,000, Half of What TLC Singer Paid, Due to Foreclosure

TLC star Tioinne Watkins, known as T-Boz, was forced to sell her Georgia mansion for half price after facing foreclosure.

Watikins, a former member of the TLC group made famous for the song "No Scrubs," has been facing financial issues for some years now. The 42 year-old singer filed for bankruptcy in 2011 but failed to complete the paperwork, which left her with a slew of growing financial burdens.

In May it was reported by TMZ that Honda was attempting to confiscate the singer's 2005 Odyssey after she fell behind on payments. In 2008, the singer nearly foreclosed on her home but managed to save it. But facing foreclosure once again, the singer has now sold her home for almost just over half of what she originally paid for it.

Watkins originally purchased the mansion for $1,122,700 however a quick need to sale resulted in it trading hands for only $680,000 according to TMZ. But despite the dismal outcome, without the burden of paying such a large monthly payment, Watkin's financial issues may now be resolved. She reportedly still earns over $11,000 a month.

Her group, TLC, also had ten top ten singles, four number one singles, four multi-platinum albums, and four Grammy Awards which brings in an estimated $1,200 a month. The singer has one child, Chase Anela Rolison, with rapper Mack 10 whom she divorced in 2004. In the past Watkins has sought after overdue child support from Mack, who she claims owes her over $250,000.

Watkins has also faced a number of health issues, which include sickle-cell disease. For three years, she suffered from a fatal brain tumor and in 2006, she was diagnosed as having a strawberry-size acoustic neuroma.