T-Mobile Releases Bloopers Reel of Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Commercial (VIDEO)

Following the airing of its 2014 Super Bowl commercial featuring Tim Tebow, T-Mobile has released a comedic blooper reel showing the star athlete's numerous attempts at perfecting his lines for the network provider's Big Game advertisement.

The commercial plays off of Tebow's lack of a current NFL contract to reflect one of the company's main selling points, which promises customers they don't have to sign a binding multi-year contract to use the mobile service provider. The commercial, two versions of which aired during the Feb. 2 game, shows Tebow participating in several new and exotic activities, such as bull riding, being an astronaut and delivering a baby, now that he has so much time on his hands without an NFL contract.

"Everyone thinks I want a contract, but without one, I've done so much this year," Tebow says. "Without a contract, I've worked on the unknown."

The bloopers reel of the commercial mostly consists of Tebow half-way delivering his lines before breaking out in laughter at the hilarity of his situation or costume. One blooper segment shows the former NFL quarterback wearing a full "rockstar-themed" costume and laughing at the extremeness of his outfit.

T-Mobile's Super Bowl spot featuring Tebow received positive reviews from viewers, with The New Yorker calling the spot "clever" and "pretty funny." Additionally, Forbes reported that Tebow's comfortable role as a T-Mobile spokesperson proves that he has the ability to form his own personal, likeable brand. Tebow recently stopped playing in the NFL and picked up a job as an ESPN analyst for the college football circuit.

Tebow's performance in the commercials "gave detractors pause, gave doubters reason to smile and gave fans yet another reason to applaud how [Tebow] rolls with the punches," Forbes reported. "T-Mobile found an effective way to brush aside Tebow's polarizing effect and make a brilliant statement about how its brand helps build a better world. And in the process, Tebow showed how he could do that too."

Tebow will begin his new role as an ESPN analyst for the SEC Network when college football resumes its season in August. The former NFL quarterback previously played for the Denver Broncos and New York Jets before becoming a free agent. Tebow has been clear in saying that he still wishes to resume his NFL career at some point in the future, although he is grateful and excited for his new opportunity with ESPN.

(Video: YouTube/T-Mobile)
T-Mobile releases a bloopers reel of its Super Bowl commercial starring Tim Tebow.