Tagg Romney Apologizes to Obama; Has Stake in Ohio Election Machines

Tagg Romney has reportedly apologized for saying he wanted to "take a swing" at President Obama. After Monday night's debate, Romney approached the President and exchanged words, though officials refuse to disclose personal information, such as what those words were.

The controversy started when Tagg appeared on a radio show and replied rather honestly that he wanted to "rush down to the debate stage and take a swing" at President Obama for questioning his father's truthfulness. His remarks were seen at the time as somewhat of a threat against Obama, especially given the heated nature of the campaign.

But that has now been diffused, given that Tagg apologized personally to the President after this last debate. He was seen shaking Obama's hand and appeared jovial during the aftermath of the debate.

Tagg's words also brought more speculation on his father Mitt's campaign, after the former governor made a remark that implied violent children were more likely to be raised by single parents. Critics quickly called out Romney's eldest son on his behavior, but the family remained quiet about the situation.

"Romney's son Tagg said he wants to take a swing at Obama. Pretty violent. Based on Romney's logic, he must have been raised by a single mom," pointed out Calvin via Twitter.

Now Tagg is embroiled in another personal, and political, scandal as it has become known that he has a financial interest in a number of voting machines used in Ohio. Some are afraid that his association with the company could produce skewed results on the Nov. 6 election day.

"It doesn't look good for a presidential candidate's son to be an investor in a voting machine company," Jennifer Brunner, Ohio's former top elections official told MSNBC.com. "That has to do with public trust in the process."

"Hart InterCivic has a long track record of supporting a fair and open democratic process," the company said in an official statement. "Any suggestions that the Company might try to influence the outcome of election results are unfounded."