Tahoe Yacht Sinks: No One Injured in Multi-Million-Dollar Accident (VIDEO)

A three-story, $3.2 million yacht sank to the bottom of Lake Tahoe late Sunday night.

Witnesses near the Tahoe Keys Marina said they heard screeching, the sound of tearing metal, and passengers yelling, "oh, no!" but everything else about the sinking remains a mystery.

In just hours, the million-dollar yacht, called the Sierra Rose, was halfway submerged, with one end of it touching the South Lake Tahoe marina bottom at a Titanic-like angle.

Fortunately, no one was injured, marina general manager Robert Spinnato said, according to the Associated Press.

The Sierra Rose was so large it even had a pad large enough on it for a helicopter to land. Its leather couches and big-screen TV were visible inside the partially submerged yacht on Monday. It was billed as the largest non-commercial boat in Lake Tahoe as recently as 2006.

A private contractor removed the yacht from the water on Tuesday, according to Barbara Houghton, El Dorado County environmental health manager.

Sewage and fuel tanks were sealed and had not leaked into the lake, Houghton told the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

While the expensive luxury boat's sinking will surely affect the community, many have expressed relief that it's gone.

"It's the ugliest thing I've ever seen," Tahoe Keys Property Association front desk clerk Ron Parker told the Tribune. "My idea is it was so ugly someone had to sink it."

The yacht rented for $2,000 a night, according to a brochure from four years ago.

On Twitter, people are reacting to the unusual and mysterious news.

"$3.2 million yacht sinks in Lake Tahoe marina," wrote Farrell. "Sinking at the dock? Rich are stupid as well as greedy."

Richard posted, "Sponge Bob's sunken mansion now."