Taken 3 Release Date, Plot Rumors: 'No One is Taken' Says Luc Besson

Reuters/FileActor Liam Neeson poses at the event where he attended to promote his film '96 Hours', in Berlin January 8, 2009.

Earlier this year, an official announcement from 20th Century Fox indicated that the third sequel for the hit action-thriller film 'Taken' is slated to hit the theaters this coming January 9, 2015.

In a recent article by ManlyMovie, it has been revealed that production for 'Taken 3' is actually ongoing and Liam Neeson (playing the character of Bryan Mills) will once again return with other cast members Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen as Kim and Lenore Mills, respectively.

According to the publication, the filming primarily took place in Los Angeles, the purported setting for the 3rd installment. Last April, the crew were also seen doing location shots at Covington, Georgia.

Perhaps the greatest question that is popping in everyone's heads right now is "will Kim or Lennie be taken again?"

At the latest WonderCon Anaheim 2014 event, film writer and director Luc Besson was asked by Collider in an interview regarding the plot set for 'Taken 3.'

Besson did confirm the ongoing filming process, which started four months ago, and also confirmed that in the 3rd movie, no one will be taken.

He was further quoted saying:

"The third film is another story that has nothing to do with him and his family. No one is taken. The dog is not taken. It's another story with the same characters. It's different, but it's very good. It's probably the best of the three for me, in terms of the script."

Meanwhile, new additional cast members will include Forest Whitaker to play as Franck Dotzler and Johnny Weston as Kim's boyfriend.

The 'Taken' movie franchise has raked in over $600 million from the global box-office and the 62-year-old Neeson will reportedly earn $20 million for the 3rd installment.