'Taken' Season 1 Episode 9: Mejia Escapes During Prison Transfer; Bryan Makes Chase at the Expense of Life?

Bryan (Clive Standen) fights to keep Mejia (Romano Orzari) in their custody on the penultimate episode of "Taken" season 1. Can the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) possibly go against directives without inciting suspicion and bad blood with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)?

YouTube/TakenA screenshot of series protagonist Bryan Mills (Clive Standen) from NBC's freshman crime drama "Taken."

The first season of NBC's freshman crime drama is about to come to a close, and it makes things more difficult for series protagonist, Bryan, who will now have to act against orders to keep his sister's killer close and as far away as possible from any hope of freedom.

According to the official synopsis for the episode titled "Gone," the ODNI are forced to deliver Mejia to the FBI to eventually be handed over to Mexico. Bryan, who considers it one of his greatest achievements to have captured the man who murdered his sister, is strongly against the idea.

His reluctance will double when he finds out that the cartel has put together a plan to hijack the transfer. Bryan will be enlisting John (Gaius Charles) and Rem (James Landry Hébert) to work on stalling the handover while he takes more extreme measures to keep Mejia in their custody.

But the official trailer teases that, despite Bryan and his team's efforts, the transfer will commence, and so will the cartel's plan to break Mejia out. Bryan will obviously not rest until he gets his hands on Mejia again. After all, he caught him once, he will no doubt catch him again.


However, Bryan may already be too consumed with anger, and should he catch up to Mejia, what is going to stop him from just shooting the guy dead right then and there?

An order will then be sent out to re-capture Mejia alive, no matter what it takes, even if it means taking Bryan down.

"Taken" season 1 episode 9 airs on Monday, April 24 at 10:01 p.m. EDT on NBC.