Tamar Braxton Talks Tiny, T.I. Marriage Issues: 'He Doesn't Like to Be Disrespected'

(PHOTO) Instagram: @majorgirlTameka "Tiny" Harris poses in Las Vegas alongside Iyanna Mayweather, the daughter of boxing champion Floyd Mayweather

Tamar Braxton is defending her best friend Tameka "Tiny" Harris' marriage to rapper Clifford "T.I." Harris.

Floyd Mayweather, the 37-year-old boxing champion,was reportedly approached by the 33-year-old rapper T.I. after the former took an Instagram picture with the latter's wife. Tiny was reportedly the cause of a melee that took place Memorial Day weekend after Mayweather said T.I. questioned him about their relationship. When Tiny posted an image with herself and the boxer, some accused her of having an inappropriate relationship with him.

While Tiny and Mayweather both denied the claims publicly, Braxton defended her best friend.

"That's my best friend and her husband. I don't really want to comment on that," Braxton,37, said on Power 105.1 recently. "If that was my marriage, I could tell you about my marriage. I can't tell you about what's going on in somebody else's relationship. Just hope for the best and pray for everybody who's married because it's tough. It's not easy. It's not a walk in the park."

However, Braxton did give her opinion about T.I. reportedly starting a physical altercation with Mayweather.

"T.I.'s a man. At the end of the day he doesn't like to be disrespected and he's going to stand up for his family," Braxton said on the show. "He's always been that guy and he's going to continue to be that guy."

Last week Tiny decided to respond to the criticism with a message of her own in the form of a text picture on Instagram.

"Life can be a b---- sometimes. People say all manner of things about you and then say things you didn't say," she wrote on Instagram. "Then there are the things you do say. One thing for sure. I have not made any recent statements to any blogs."