Tamera Mowry Talks About Prioritizing God in Essence

Tamera and Tia Mowry, Christian actresses and twin sisters, are covering Essence magazine where the former is speaking about her relationship with God impacting her life.

In the April 2013 issue of the magazine that is known as the "Career Success Guide Issue," Tamera spoke about being a new mother while prioritizing God in her life.

"I've always wanted to be a mother. I'm a nurturer, a girly girl," Tamera told Essence. "I know my priorities: God, family and work … When those things are in check, the work will flow."

This is not the first time that Mowry has been vocal about her faith. Last month Mowry, 34, took to her personal website shared with sister Tia to let fans know about the blessings in life after witnessing a car accident.

"To have the gift of life is a blessing. Many die daily and if you are alive right now, then you have been given that gift," Mowry wrote on tiaandtameraofficial.com. "It's important we live it to the fullest and not get stuck or preoccupied with the worries, fears or pain. Instead, all we can do is trust in God and live every day He's given us to the very fullest."

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Mowry shared a letter dedicated to her husband and Fox News correspondent Adam Housley who helped her prioritize God in her life. For Tamera, her husband's faith in God taught her to prioritize her creator to be first in her life.

"Your faith in God, in family and in life never cease to amaze me," Tamera revealed on the website. "You've taught me to set my priorities straight 1) God 2) Family 3) Work."

Tia also shared a similar letter to dedicated to her husband and actor Cory Hardict, where she spoke about their faith in God.

"You are my soul-mate, lover, best friend, confident and the father of our beautiful child Cree Taylor," Mowry wrote in the letter. "Most of all, you made me believe in myself and we shared the same faith. You loved God just as much as I loved God."