Tappan Zee Accident Coincides With Sentencing of 2011 Bridge Dangler (VIDEO, PHOTO)

The Tappan Zee Bridge, where a wrong-way driver caused a 5 vehicle accident this week, has also been the center of other news this week as Michael Davitt was sentenced to nine months on jail by a judge after performing a bridge dangling stunt in 2011 from the location.

(Photo: YouTube Screen Shot)This screen shot shows Tappan Zee dangler Michael Davitt.

Davitt said Tuesday that he had considered the possibility that he would be jailed as he dangled off the bridge in 2011 while performing a bizarre protest.

He was speaking at his sentencing in Greenburgh Town Court earlier this week, when he bizarrely offered quotes from Jackie Robinson, accused Rockland County of trying to subjugate him and spoke of corruption in Spring Valley and Clarkstown.

After Davitt's bizarre rant, a judge moved to sentence him to nine months in jail for his 2011 stunt that got him national media attention, and paralyzed traffic on the bridge for hours. Officials estimate that the price for emergency responders to act in the purposeful incident cost about $34,000.

Following the sentencing hearing Davitt was taken to Westchester County Jail to fulfill his sentence.

In November 2011, Davitt from West Haverstraw, lowered himself off the bridge towards the Hudson River. He later jumped off into the river and began to swim away as officials moved in and finally apprehended him.

Judge Walter Rivera gave Davitt the nine months for reckless endangerment as well as 15 days for trespass, to be served concurrently. He was also given a $250 fine for disorderly conduct and a $150 fine for leaving his vehicle unattended on the bridge.

A spokesperson said, "He had an opportunity to plea, but he wanted to use the justice system to express his views on government and philosophy. He had such an impact on all the services here. It's unfortunate that so many people's lives at the time had to be interrupted."

However, things are not over yet for Davitt. He will have to return to court on October 8 for a restitution on how much he will have to pay for the emergency response costs. Officials are requesting $10,000 – the maximum amount allowed.