Tara Reid Outburst: Actress Rants in LA Store for Not Getting Discount (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Fred Prouser)Actress Tara Reid poses in this file photo.

A Tara Reid outburst has taken place in Los Angeles at the weekend after a store refused to give her the discount she was demanding, according to reports.

According to The New York Post, the "American Pie" actress got angry while shopping in LA and took out her anger on store employees.

Reid was allegedly shopping at All Saints, reportedly looking for something to wear to Coachella. When she found something she sought to negotiate a discount, allegedly due because she is famous. However, store employees refused and despite her rantings they continued to resist Reid's protests and would not give in.

The rejected angered Reid, who is then said to have begun screaming at the staff, and eventually was escorted out from the store, according to the NY Post.

Reid's rep. has attempted to explain her behavior by saying that she is accustomed to receiving the discount in the All Saints stores in both Paris and London, and believed that the LA store would have followed suit.

However, the Los Angeles staff members simply said they would email their press team rather than give an on-the-spot discount. That was not good enough for the actress, who believed they were being difficult and unreasonable.

The rep. has also described that she was there in the store with Reid, although she did not deny the fact that there had been a huge rant and outburst by the star.

She did insist that Reid was not under the influence of any alcohol at the time of the incident, and that she was fully aware and sober during the argument.

Here is a recent interview with Tara Reid: