Tara Reid Whale Shark Ramble on 'Shark After Dark' (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)Tara Reid discusses whale sharks on Discovery channel's "Shark After Dark" talk show on Tuesday, August 6, 2013.

Actress Tara Reid, who stars in the made-for-tv film "Sharknado," attempted to flaunt her knowledge of sea life on the Tuesday evening episode of "Shark After Dark," a Discovery channel talk show aired especially for the network's Shark Week.

While sitting next to her "Sharknado" co-star Ian Ziering, Reid, 39, began to tell host Josh Wolf of how she researched facts about sharks before coming on the talk show so she wouldn't appear "stupid." Reid then goes on to describe how when she first learned of the term "whale shark" on the internet, she initially though it meant the offspring of a whale and a shark.

"Today, all right, I was, like, 'I don't wanna, like, really sound stupid when I do this show today, so I learned a little education on sharks. I look up sharks on the Internet and I'm, like, 'whale sharks,' and I'm, like, oh, that must mean a whale and a shark have sex. And then I think, 'Well, how does a whale and a shark have sex?'" Reid told the audience to much chuckling in the background.

"No, but there's a thing called whale sharks, so I thought they must, you know. And then I realized that whales are mammals and sharks are animals -- they have nothing to do with each other," Reid added.

The actress then goes on to discuss Great White sharks and other shark varieties as Wolf and Ziering chuckle and nod with her comments, looking visibly confused at times. Wolf concludes Reid's lesson on sea life by quipping, "I know exactly what you're talking about."

Reid's interview has gained widespread attention on the Internet, with many viewers saying that she appeared to be "rambling," "incoherent," and even slightly slurring her words in during the talk show.

Reid, who has previously starred in such films as "The Big Lebowski" and "American Pie," is portrayed as actor Ian Ziering's estranged wife in the film "Sharknado," which premiered on the SyFy channel earlier this month. The film, a made-for-television disaster movie, tells the story of a tornado that passes over the ocean, lifting sharks out of the water as it goes, and eventually depositing those sharks in the streets of Los Angeles, Calif., where havoc thus ensues.

(Video: YouTube/skynewsofficial04)
Tara Reid discusses whale sharks on Discovery channel's "Shark After Dark" talk show on Tuesday, August 6, 2013.