Target 3DS XL Bundles Released for $149.99, Includes Mario & Luigi Dream Team and A Link Between Two Worlds

While supplies last, Target is offering a 3DS XL bundle for $149.99 until December 21. There are two different bundles available, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds, which includes a digital download of the game along with a game themed 3DS XL model, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, with downloadable version of the game along with a game themed handheld.

Target also received a special 2DS Pokemon bundle that has been going on since December 6.

The bundles are Target and Toys 'R Us exclusives, as they will be on sale both online and in stores for $149.99. It will be split into two bundles: one for X that comes with a red 2DS only available at Target, and one for Y, which will come with a blue 2DS, which is only available at Toys 'R Us. The game will be preloaded into the handheld.

The 2DS on its own is normally $129.99, and the game is $49.99.

Nintendo just released an update for the 3DS that brings the Miiverse to the handheld console this morning as well as unified the 3DS and Wii U eShop accounts.

Polygon reports that the little Miiverse icon can now be located in the top row of the bottom 3DS screen which also includes a new camera app as well the five-time limit 3DS data transfer being removed.

Dubbed the 7.0 update, 3DS users can sign in with their Nintendo Network ID to connect with both the handheld and Wii U, however, according to reports from Verge, gamers seem to be suffering some network connection issues.

3DS launched their YouTube App December 3 for free as part of their recent updates to the handheld. The App may be uploaded from the 3DS eShop in both North America and Europe.