Tatler Magazine's Dog Killed by Revolving Door

A celebrity dachshund named Alan, popular in Great Britain as the office pet at upmarket women's magazine Tatler, tragically died on Jan. 14 after becoming stuck in a revolving door.

Alan, who has become a Twitter sensation as the mascot for Tatler, was reportedly rushing for a lunchtime walk when his neck became stuck in a revolving door at the entrance of the Vogue House, on Hanover Square, central London, where Tatler magazine's offices are located.

Fire department members reportedly arrived at the scene in an attempt to release the dachshund puppy as well as another male who became stuck in the door, but the puppy was pronounced dead on the scene.

The dog's owner, Tatler editor's assistant Jennifer George, took to Twitter to mourn her loss of her adored pet.

"Yesterday my tiny much loved man Alan passed away in a tragic accident. Thank you to all that were there to help, all the kind wishes and all who followed @TatlerAlan," George tweeted earlier Tuesday.

"He was so awesome and so very loved. This is the last photo I took -- handsome as ever," George tweeted later, posting a photo of the brown puppy looking up at the camera with wide eyes.

Alan, full name Alan TBH Plumptre, has garnered a wide amount of attention in association with Tatler magazine as his photo has been posted several times on Twitter.

The puppy gained worldwide recognition as a staple of Britain's fashion and PR community, with models and editors alike following the puppy's cute photos on the social media website.