Taylor Armstrong and Tell-All Book 'Just For Money'

Taylor Armstrong, star of the reality television series "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is the topic of a new tell-all book that is being written which exposes the personal secrets of her life.

The books supposed author is Randy Edwards, a friend of Armstrong's deceased husband Russell. Sources familiar with the situation claim that the reason for the book is solely for financial gain on the part of Edwards, according to entertainment website RadarOnline.com.

Taylor, who just signed a new contract that would place her in the third season of the reality television series, had been publically grieving after the suicide of her husband last summer.

Even though the two may have known each other over the years, according to sources close to the situation, they have not been really close for the last few years, and that the book is just a ploy to get money.

"There is just one problem with Randy's book proposal though, he has only met Taylor once or twice and wasn't a factor in Russell's life in the last few years," a source told RadarOnline.com.

The source continued to explain that the only focus for publishing the book is to make money.

"It's just blood money and no publisher has expressed any interest in the book so far. Randy has publicly bashed Taylor and she just can't understand why he is doing this when she doesn't even know him," said the insider.

The friendship between Edwards and Russell was centered on money as Russell helped Edwards financially while he was going through fiscal hardships.

"Russell felt sorry for him and sent him money over the years because he was having financial problems. Taylor feels that Randy is just attempting to cash in on Russell's tragedy," the source explained.

But friends close to Armstrong explained that she is not concerned with what one of Russell's former friends is doing.

"Taylor isn't afraid nor intimidated by Randy. Sadly, nothing surprises her anymore and she just ignores the negativity. Taylor is focused on being a great mom, role model and business woman," the source revealed.