Taylor Swift Avoids Harry Styles: Sings 'We Are Never Getting Back Together'

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(PHOTO) Twitter: @IndoSwiftieTaylor Swift performs at the 2012 MTV MVAs

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were careful to avoid one another on Saturday night while arriving at the NRJ Awards in Cannes, France.

Swift and Styles split in January following a two-month romance that ended after the couple vacationed in the British Virgin Islands. Swift returned from the vacation alone. The split did not come as a surprise, according to sources, who stated that friends close to the couple were not taking the relationship "seriously."

The couple did however make serious attempts to avoid each other over the weekend when attending the awards ceremony in Cannes. The couple allegedly steered clear of one another to avoid causing a scene.

"It was very carefully timed so they didn't do the carpet at the same time," an insider told Us Weekly. "Taylor didn't do any backstage interviews and didn't use a dressing room -- she changed at the hotel because she didn't want to see Harry at any point. ...Things were timed to keep them apart and for it to not become a big media circus."

Later on Swift borrowed the lyrics from "We Are Never Getting Back Together," which was reportedly written for her ex, Jake Gyllenhaal. She sang them to a crowd that included Styles.

"She was talking in French on the microphone saying, 'So he calls me up and he's like 'je t'aime, je 't'aime toujours … je ne sais pas [I love you, I still love you, I don't know]. No! We are never ever getting back together, like ever!'" an eyewitness told Us of her passionate performance.

Sources have alleged that the couple may have split because Swift wanted to take the relationship slow.