Taylor Swift New Album 2014 Release Date Confirmed: Lead Single Premiere, Departure From Country Style

Earlier this week, Aug. 18, singer-actor Taylor Swift announced her fifth studio album on Yahoo! Livestream show. It was an event where she declared her detachment from her accustomed country music style.

Reuters/FileTaylor Swift at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA)held in Brooklyn, New York

She started off the show by introducing her newest lead single "Shake It Off," a song co-written with famous Swedish hit-makers Max Martin and Johan Schuster, which she said was about the idea of how people can easily say their opinions about you and that it's way beyond one's control.

She then segued to say that "the only thing we can control is our reactions … we have two options … let it get to you and make you bitter … or you can just shake it off."

The "22" singer then invited all her guests in the studio to stand up as she performed the new single.

The song, as a sampler, indicates the great departure from her revenge-laden, country ballads like "Better Than Revenge," "You're Not Sorry," "Mean," and among others.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Later in the event, the "Trouble" singer from Tennessee then unravels her biggest reveal: the "1989" album. The new album contains 13 tracks, including the song mentioned above, is slated to hit the shelves on Oct. 27, just like what she often did with her previous albums.

Considered to be her first "official documented pop album," 1989 is about the artist's year of birth. She further explained in the streaming event that the new LP will heavily bear the musical influences of the 1980s.
She deliberately described how the era bears a significant inspiration in shaping the new album as it was "a time of limitless potential … bright colors, bold changes, rebellion."

It took her about two years to create the album, which she now considers a "sonically cohesive" song lineup and, as she said, her "favorite" full-length to date.

Deluxe versions of 1989 will include bonus tracks which are voice memos (taken from Swift's phone) made into actual songs.