Teacher Arrested in Molestation Case: Robert Pimentel Accused of Molesting 20 Students

A fourth grade teacher of over 35 years was arrested Wednesday in Los Angeles under suspicion of molesting 20 students.

Robert Pimentel was arrested Wednesday following a 10-month investigation that resulted in eight felony counts of continual sexual abuse and seven counts of lewd acts upon a child.

More than four years ago a principle at George De La Torre Jr. Elementary received a complaint that Pimentel had behaved inappropriately with a student, but no action was taken, according to the District Supt. John Deasy.

Deasy told the Los Angeles Times: "When I reviewed the personnel file of the teacher it came to my attention that several years earlier, in about 2008, there was an allegation that was not properly reported."

The principle has since been fired. An investigation into the fourth grade teacher was launched in March following complaints from several young girls who allege that Pimentel had touched them inappropriately.

In addition to the 15 felony charges, other misdemeanor charges may also arise, according to police officer Chris No. Pimentel, 57, retired from his position as a teacher after the allegations were made.

"Can you go back and fire someone who's already retired? No, you can't," LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy told the LA Times.

A dozen victims have become involved in the case. At least eight more girls are suspected to have been victimized in addition to one adult, LAPD Capt. Fabian Lizarraga told The Times. It is believed that the teacher touched the children over and underneath their clothing.

Several other cases of teachers sexually abusing student have risen out of Los Angeles in the past year. Mark Berndt was arrested a year ago after pleading not guilty to 23 counts of lewd conduct.

It is unclear whether or not Pimentel has hired an attorney.