Teacher Reportedly Bars Second Grader From Bringing Bible to School (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: KMOV)

A teacher at Hamilton Elementary school in Cypress, Tex. has been accused of telling a second grade student not to read the Bible during a time when students read to themselves. The accusation also states that the teacher barred the student from bringing the Bible to school at all.

The Liberty Institute, a nonprofit legal group whose mission is to "defend and restore religious liberty across America," say that the parents of the student complained to them about the incident. The law firm sent a letter to the Fairbanks Independent School District, which includes the following:

"The teacher's actions are illegal, and violate the Constitution, federal guidelines, and state law. The First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits public schools from treating religious activities and materials less favorably than non-religious materials, as long as such materials do not create a substantial disruption to discipline or the academic environment."

KPRC tells the story in this report.