Teacher Wrote ‘Stupid’ on Student’s Face, May Be Fired

Alex Boles, a Tennessee teacher, has admitted to writing “stupid” on an eighth grade student’s face earlier this December, and is now being investigated for other possible inappropriate incidents.

Boles taught math at Allons Elementary School in Livingston, Tenn., and while he was teaching a class Dec. 6, the educator wrote “stupid” backwards on a student’s forehead so he could read it in the mirror. Soon after Overton Country Schools director Matt Eldridge found out, Boles was put on suspension for his actions.

“It was during class and, of course, that’s not the appropriate way to joke with any of them,” Eldridge told ABC News.

Following the improper conduct, the director said that an investigation into Boles had been opened shortly thereafter, and that any other inappropriate occurrences were being searched for diligently.

Eldridge said, "We're trying to get anyone who's witnessed other things. At that point we're going to turn it in to our attorneys. They'll come back with what's warranted with [regard to] charges, and what's not."

The analysis of the teacher is far-reaching, with investigators talking to faculty at the Allons school, parents, and the 3,500 children Boles may have come into contact with during his tenure.

Because Boles has not been teaching for very long, there may not be a wealth of evidence regarding any alleged inappropriate actions. This was his first teaching position after graduating from a university, but the school district of Overton County still wasn’t taking any chances.

Boles has been suspended from Allons Elementary School, and he may be fired pending the investigation.